But wilderkin lived moment by moment, and saw the World only according to necessity. The Gods longed for creatures who would love their creation as it was loved by Them; therefore, choosing various wilderkin, they caused them to stand upright, and granted them intelligence and insight, that they might see the World through new eyes, and perhaps even come to know the Gods Themselves.


However, the wilderkin remained, to remind these new People of their connection to the realm of Nature, and of the gifts bestowed upon them.

Persona Animus: Survival of the Fittest

Elise and Moira, sent to negotiate with a remote barony, find something far more dangerous than a rebellion in the offing. Can a single mouse and doe succeed where all others have failed? Or will they fall prey to a sinister plot that may rob them, and an entire country, of their very minds?

Persona Animus concerns a young healer, a seasoned ranger, and the fate of the world.

Persona Animus takes you into a fantastic world of animals and people who look like animals, where even the most common person may wield magic, and the Gods have been known to walk the earth.


©2006 J. Scharmen