Elise BowenEliseBoing!

Elise is a healer, herbalist, and occasional diplomat. She is a people person, at home in the city, and runs a small urban apothecary.

Elise is a mouse, small and dainty even for her race. She is kind, patient, optimistic, and willful. She possesses a weak gift of aeris-- air magic.

MaireBoing!Moira Glendwyr

Moira is a ranger and demon hunter. She serves the nature goddess Mesque, whose face is the Moon; she tends to be solitary, and is at home in the wilderness.

Moira is a rather scruffy Scotian deer, tall and graceful, but also quite strong. She is direct, short-tempered, bull-headed, and practical. She speaks in a Scotian dialect. While not brilliant, she is crafty and resourceful.



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