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9 August 2009

PA page 20. This site needs an overhaul.

23 March 2009

PA page 19. I know, right?

24 September 2008

PA page 18.

23 July 2008

Pages 16 and 17 are up. (I forgot to update when I posted page 16!) Off to the San Diego Comic Con for the weekend.

12 December

Not dead... overwhelmed. New comic pages coming. Really!

31 October

New job, new city, new home. I have located the boxes containing my art supplies, so the comic will resume next week. Thank you for your patience!

6 September

PA page 15. I blame the heat wave.

15 August

PA page 14.

23 July 2007

Good Lord, has it been six weeks? Well we're back, in any case. PA page 13!

4 July 2007

The comic is not dead! I've just been busy with other things. Here's my portfolio, for instance.

4 June 2007

PA page 12. Also Bad Gnomes on DeviantArt.

22 May 2007

PA page 11. I deeply regret the long hiatus.

3 May 2007

My portrait in oil of Elise was chosen as the Daily Deviation on DeviantArt yesterday! Welcome to everyone arriving from there! Persona Animus Page 10 is now live. Doooom...

25 April 2007

Thanks to everyone who came to see me at APE! After spending the weekend telling folks that I update on Thursdays, I now say with some embrassment that I won't be updating this Thursday, since I am San Francisco for the week, and I cleverly left my page template, my fonts, and the cleaned-up inks for page 10 in San Diego. But there is a new gallery image, and accompanying wallpaper!

20 April 2007

After a long but necessary hiatus, we are back with a new page of Persona Animus. Updates should go back to normal (that is to say, only slightly late instead of ridiculously late) from here on.

I will be at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco this weekend. I'll be at booth 282 promoting Persona Animus. Stop by and say hello!

9 March 2007

New Persona Animus.

4 March 2007

Updates are likely to be erratic this month, as I am swamped with other income-related work.

22 February 2007

...And we're back. Page 7. Pouncy!

15 February 2007

Finally received the replacement video card today. Coloring recommences!

11 February 2007

Sitrep on PA: the video card on my desktop box was threatening to burst into flame due to a cooling fan failure, so I am unable to color the comic at full resolution while waiting on a replacement. Next update on the 15th, assuming I have my replacement card on Monday.

1 February 2007

New Persona Animus. Oooh foreshadowing.

25 January 2007

New Persona Animus. I have no good excuse for it being so late. Sorry!

17 January 2007

No update last week, as you may have noticed, as I went on a trip on short notice. No update this week either, because I am still on it and my poor laptop is not up to the task of full-resolution painting in Photoshop. I will attempt to get page 5 posted early as an act of contrition.

5 January 2007

New Persona Animus. Happy New Year! There will be an update next week. Really!

22 December 2006

New Persona Animus. So... tired...

14 December 2006

No update this week, sorry folks. Xmas-y stuff intervened. There will be a regular update again next Thursday the 21st.

7 December 2006

New Persona Animus! Hopefully worth being a little late. Hopefully obvious why it's a little late. =)

29 November 2006

Persona Animus: Survival of the Fittest is now live! Still working out kinks, so if you find something not working, please don't hesitate to send e-mail.

12 November 2006

New art! Hold Deer is available as an 8.5x11" open-edition print on matte photo paper, for $10 plus $5 shipping. That gets you Priority Mail and cardboard protection. I accept check or money order... I'll have PayPal set up before too long. Simply e-mail me with your order.

28 October 2006

A few new scribblescraps over at DA. Work on the comic continues apace. There should be some new teaser artwork this week.

11 October 2006

Three new scribbles in scraps on DA.

21 September 2006

Sketchbook is now linked to my scraps on DeviantArt, which is where I will be posting such things. Added Information page, and Links page. Feel the power of this fully armed and operational... blah blah blah.

13 September 2006

Added one image to the gallery. Hopefully we won't be going a full month without an update again.

13 August 2006

Added images to the gallery, the fanart gallery, and the gift gallery. Streamlined the menu system a bit.

11 August 2006

Added page 8 of the PA Preview, which is the length it was intended to be. Elise gets to do something other than be in danger!

Also added the World page, with some information about PA's setting. I'll keep adding to this.

30 July 2006

Under threat of lobsters in my shower, there is new (old) art in the newly-opened gallery. Enjoy!

24 July 2006

The Ashcan I handed out at the San Diego Comic-Con is here! It is a seven-page preview of the first Persona Animus story, entitled 'Survival of the Fittest.' This is a work in progress, currently just pencils and in black and white, but I hope you will enjoy it.

The mail links should be working now. Sorry about that!!


22 July 2006

First attempt at going live. Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

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