Animated with Maya software. All models are unrigged and 30 frames per second unless otherwise noted.

Sample Animation (2007)

Spell Cast -- spellcasting animation, including charge and channel loops.

Spell Charge -- charge-up loop.

Spell Channel -- channeling loop.

Walk-- Front, Back. (rigged model, 60fps) -- A walk with an angry attitude.

Leap-- 3/4, Side. (rigged model, 60fps) -- Character leaps across a gap.

Sword Combo-- 3/4, Side. (rigged model) -- Quick sword attack combo.

Neopets PetPet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing (2006)

Barbat Bite -- bat creature bites hero.

Blurtle Throw -- turtle creature throws something.

Doglefox Staff Combo (rigged model) -- staff combo (3 parts fused).

Doglefox KO (rigged) -- character is knocked silly.

Push Box (rigged) -- character pushes an object.

Pull Box (rigged) -- character pulls an object.

Scamander Tail Attack -- lizard creature whips its tail at the hero.

Splyke Bite -- creature attack.

Werhond KO -- villain is vanquished.

Werhond Axe -- villain swings an axe (part of a combo).

Unsung Heroes (2004)

Darkness Special Attack -- a wave of darkness flows from superhero's impact.

Flight Knockdown -- a superhero is knocked out of flight.

The Mark of Kri (2002)

Ferretish -- a short sequence using this ferret creature's run, turns, and idle.

Tati Dialogue -- Tati wants to follow the hero on his adventures. (Model had no animatable mouth.)

Tati Dialogue 2 -- Tati tells the hero a secret.

©2007 J. Scharmen